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Our family started in the watch business in San Francisco in 1859. For many years they were the sole distributors of E. Howard, Waltham and Elgin watches on the West Coast. I personally have been involved with horological antiques since 1970 and now do most of the restoration of the items I sell. Therefore, I know and understand the merchandise intimately and can advise you with confidence regarding function and condition.

We are always interested in buying horological items of quality. For fair and confidential transactions, please send photos and complete descriptions to the address below.

For a list of pocket watches, clocks, mechanical music, singing birds or barometers currently available, please specify your area of interest and send a self- addressed stamped envelope to:

Don Levison
Box 22262
San Francisco, Ca.

Wristwatch list not available, but please advise of specific requirements.

If not completely satisfied, all items can be returned for a full refund (less postage expense) within three business days of receipt and in good condition.

All merchandise is warranteed to operate properly. If you encounter a mechanical problem within a reasonable period of time and if not caused by negligence or abuse, I will repair at no cost to the purchaser.

I can also be reached by e-mail at My direct fax line is 415-753-5206.