Bird Box image. Bird Box image.


Charles Brugier, the "father", fine silver-gilt, fully-engraved and enamelled singing bird box #330 with rare "fusee" movement, circa 1830. A delightfully enamelled courtship scene covers the oval lid. Upon sliding a lever, the tiny bird, covered with hummingbird feathers, pops up, dances around, flaps its wings, moves its tail and turns its head all the while singing a very complex and realistic birdsong for approximately half a minute. These early birdboxes are a marvel of engineering and craftsmanship, utilizing a small bellows and whistle, a tiny articulated bird less than 1 inch long and eight cams to control sequentially the actions of the bird and its song. Signed on the bottom "Charles Brugier, 5 rue des Paguis, a Geneve, Suisse." Dimensions: 98 x 67 x 35 MM.